The Full Fmr. Det. Chris Serino Interview With FBI

This is the full interview with Fmr. Det. Chris Serino by the FBI.

There is not much here that is different regarding Serino’s publicly known beliefs about George Zimmerman’s story. There is an interesting development regarding the fact that Serino expressed to the FBI that he was concerned about other Sanford Police Department officers becoming too close to the Martin family and potentially leaking information regarding the investigation. This went beyond just mere speculation on his part and he actually named names … Sgt. Author Barns, Rebecca Villenove and Trekell Perkins.

For those not well-versed in what has transpired, Matt Gutman from ABC  News was one of the main national reporters for ABC on the Trayvon Martin shooting. He was responsible for several exclusives, including the infamous leaked SPD surveillance video. A couple weeks ago, Matt Gutman, apparently on accident, tweeted that Serino was, in fact, the source behind his exclusives:

Gutman initially called the tweet a mistake and then ultimately deleted it altogether. Since this information came to light, Fmr. Det. Serino was demoted asked to be reassigned as a night patrolman. Fmr. police officer Mike McDaniel has an excellent break-down at his blog, Stately McDaniel Manor, on what, more than likely, took place behind-the-scenes regarding that … it is definitely worth checking out. At the same time, Gutman has also been put on a new assignment, completely across the globe, in Tel-Aviv.

With that back story in mind, it is curious that Fmr. Det. Serino would tell the FBI that he believed there was a leaker in the SPD and, subsequently, named several people that could have leaked information. Could this really just be an old case of whoever smelt it, dealt it? It’s an old funny adage, but it rings very true that, oftentimes, the guilty party is the one pointing fingers.


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