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Why the Numbers Don’t Work

There is no question about it, President Obama is going to have to fight the toughest campaign he has ever had to fight in the coming months. There is a very big reason why. After nearly four years in office, … Continue reading

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Zimmerman Case – Judge Kenneth Lester Disqualified

The 5th District Court of Appeals ruled in favor of George Zimmerman and ordered Judge Kenneth Lester to enter an order of disqualification. The ruling was quick to the point. “Although many of the allegations, standing alone, do not meet … Continue reading

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Those Who Do Not Remember the Past …

“Those who do not remember the past [or are never taught it] are condemned to repeat it.” ~ George Satayana In Ahmedabad, a city of 5.5 million people in Gujarat, India, a small clothing store recently decided to open its … Continue reading

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Zimmerman Case – Response to Petition for Writ of Prohibition

The response can be located here. It was submitted on behalf of the State Attorney General’s office to the 5th District Court of Appeals on August 23rd, and is a recap of events, for the most part. The State, predictably … Continue reading

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The Case Against George Zimmerman – Latest Developments

Judge Lester ruled today that George Zimmerman could travel outside of Seminole County, but only to his lawyer’s offices. He also decided to review Zimmerman’s medical records in private and allow closed court arguments before he makes his decision in … Continue reading

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The Curious Case of Fred Leatherman

I’ve been posting for a little bit over at The Frederick Leatherman Blog about the George Zimmerman case. Debate is good for the mind and, except for my one “devoted” commenter, I don’t have people to debate here. Mr. Leatherman … Continue reading

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