The Case Against George Zimmerman – Latest Developments

Judge Lester ruled today that George Zimmerman could travel outside of Seminole County, but only to his lawyer’s offices. He also decided to review Zimmerman’s medical records in private and allow closed court arguments before he makes his decision in regards to the State’s subpoena for Zimmerman’s medical  records. Rene Stutzman, of the Orlando Sentinel, has written  an article detailing the hearing.

The Judge decided that there were too many logistical issues that complicated allowing Zimmerman to travel in Orange County at his leisure.  This is not necessarily so. In the Judge’s Order Setting Bail, the Judge ordered that “the Defendant shall be subject to electronic monitoring at his own expense.” The vast majority of Defendants or Offenders that are required to use Electronic Monitoring use GPS EM. GPS EM’s allow supervisors the ability to program in “‘exclusion zones,’ which are geographical areas to where an offender is not allowed to enter.” Zimmerman must also “check in with the Pre-trial Release Department every 48 hours.” Other than eliminating Orange County as an “exclusion zone,” there is no other logistical problem that I can see.


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8 Responses to The Case Against George Zimmerman – Latest Developments

  1. It looks to me like the Judge is trying to remain stern with George. If those medical records get released and I were George I would definitely have a lawyer with guts enough to sue. I noticed they just released the report on Shelly’s mom earlier also. Quite a coincidence to my turn of mind.

    • It could be sternness, but when his support for his reasoning is flimsy, it makes one question if it is sternness or something else. I will be surprised if the Judge allows a broad release of Zimmerman’s medical records. Even if the Judge is biased, I don’t think he will open that can of worms.

  2. I was being nice LOL. I think he is still showing his bias, but I thought he was even before the bond when I realized he has already decided about change of venue.

  3. SummerSierra11 says:

    There should be an equal outrage about irrelevant informantion released about TM, this one way justice crap needs too stop a century ago!

  4. SummerSierra11 says:

    Zimmerman’s frame of mind is more relevant than anything released on TM, can’t wait too see what Z consumed and his mentally depraved mind.

  5. stormreaper says:

    60% he is disqualified. 40% he stays. That’s my bet.

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