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Increasing Energy Production Necessary to Fix Economy

The deficit and debt crisis America faces is perpetuated, in part, by Congress’s irresponsible spending habits. Instead of helping to curb the spending, President Obama has been its biggest cheerleader. It started with spending $787 Billion in the form of … Continue reading

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President Obama’s Foreign Policy: How Do They Like Us Now?

President Obama swept into the Presidency amid a wave of anger over the flailing economy, for sure. However, Obama also road another wave: to better our image throughout the world. “It’s Unanimous: The World Prefers Obama” – Sept 2008 “For … Continue reading

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Lybians Kill, Egypt Protests, America Equivocates

Recent events have caused a stir in Egypt and Libya. Protesters in Egypt and murderers in Libya have expressed their disgust over a film depicting the prophet Mohammed in an offensive manner; to many Muslims, any depiction of Mohammed is … Continue reading

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President Obama’s Speech at the DNCC: What the President Said, Didn’t Say, and Why

In 2008, President Obama road a wave of “hope and change” that he, himself, inspired. His infectious optimism catapulted him from an obscure, to many, Senate candidate, in 2004, to the President of the United States in just four short … Continue reading

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