The Case Against George Zimmerman – Latest Developments – October 19th, 2012 Hearing

This will be very brief. The latest hearing in the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case occurred today. Mr. Zimmerman’s lawyer, Mark O’Mara had subpoenaed school records and social media site records for Trayvon Martin so the defense could dig into Mr. Martin’s past. Judge Debra Nelson ruled that all records would be released.

This is not the end of it, as the schools in question, as well as Twitter and Facebook could file appeals, which I’m fairly certain they’ve done already. In that case, it will be up to an appeals court to determine if the schools or social media sites must comply. Stay tuned.

Also in the hearing, and this is the big bomb, Mr. O’Mara filed and emergency motion sequestering certain witnesses until depositions can be taken by the defense. The reason as outlined in the motion is this:

“Sergeant Santiago testified that during these meetings, the attendees discussed the investigation and that the consensus of the group was that there was insufficient evidence to charge Mr. Zimmerman with committing any crime … Sergeant Santiago further testified that in a conversation with Mr. Carter on the day following the last meeting Sgt. Santiago attended on the Zimmerman case, Mr. Carter was very upset that the case was referred for prosecution recommending Mr. Zimmerman be charged with manslaughter. Investigator Santiago went on to testify that he immediately called his Captain who was similarly frustrated with Serino’s recommendation to file a manslaughter charge. This information was disclosed only through the deposition of Officer Santiago and was never disclosed by the State nor was there any disclosure even of the existence of these meetings or certainly not of the substance of them. Further the State failed to list as a witness one who would have particularly exculpatory information under Brady v. Maryland.”

Note: Emphasis added is my own

This is huge! Here is the complete emergency motion.


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2 Responses to The Case Against George Zimmerman – Latest Developments – October 19th, 2012 Hearing

  1. jaddie may says:

    Trayvon still needs justice….

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