Obama Seeks Vengeful Voters by Rich F.

Last Friday, at a campaign rally, President Barack Obama urged his supporters to use their vote for “Revenge”. That, my family & friends, sums up the purpose for his entire presidency. I have stated on many occasions that I think Obama is a bitter man who blames the plight of the downtrodden in America, and throughout the world, on WASP (White Anglo Saxon protestant) America. (I am of the belief that Obama believes  that Evangelical Catholics fall into that category, also) One only has to look at the people he has surrounded himself with, including all of his appointees. Attorney General Eric Holder and his two Supreme court appointees, Justices Elena Kagan & Sonia Sotomayor are just three examples.

For the past two years, Obama has bypassed our legislative branch of government and governed by executive order using the power of the Presidency to bring about “Social Justice”

Social? Yes.

Justice? Absolutely not.

I find it somewhat ironic that Obama has embraced the concept that only the privileged in America, those who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth, can be successful. To be sure, Obama was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. But, even limited research, into his life & background, reveals that he certainly has been fed with one almost his entire life. What the American people are not privy too is: Who are the people that were holding the spoon? One thing is certain, they were not people operating as elected officials within our Federal Government. Doors have been opened to him by private people that otherwise would have not been available. Frank Sinatra once said: “Everything that has happened to me could only happen to a guy like me in America. Any where else I would be herding sheep, digging coal, or stuffing fortune cookies” I’m not suggesting that these types of professions are the only ones that would have been available to Obama, respectable professions as they are, had he not come in contact with some very influential people. I am saying that, through private sector contacts, not the heavy hand of government, has Obama been able to achieve all that he has.

Now, Obama sits in the ultimate seat of power. So, what is his plan? To encourage our population to work hard, get a good education, while living moral lives and embracing law & order? A call to network among the people one has come into contact with, while obeying some simple rules of life? No. His plan has been, and continues to be, to use the power given to him by the voter. His plan is to take from those who have followed the simple rules of life and give it to those who have, for one reason or another, rejected simplicity. That’s what makes his approach so ironic. Barack Obama was not rejected by the private sector. Barack Obama was embraced by the private sector. One, then, has to ask the question: For what reason must “Revenge” on the private sector be taken? An ominous question from a simple man like me.


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I could go into my background, but none of that really matters. I like to put out factual analysis, using multiple citations for the basis of the analysis. Dissent is expected and encouraged. Debate is expected and encouraged.
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