The Diminished Capacity of the Divided States of America

Let me first apologize to those that have visited this site on a regular basis over the past month and  saw the lack of any new content. Obviously, it’s been a while since I posted anything. I couldn’t bring myself to spend any amount of time that I devote to this labor of love in the weeks after the election. Don’t get me wrong, I very much enjoy writing this blog, but it is very time consuming, because I do a lot of research, so that I can back up everything I write with sourced material. In this day and age, when the media are as corrupt as it seems they could ever be, people like to know that what they’re reading is not just someone’s opinion, but is based on verifiable fact. I’ve tried to do that and I hope that effort has not been lost on the readers. As such, it is extremely time consuming and, considering the results of the election, I struggled with the idea that this blog has done any good whatsoever. Recently, however, a friend of mine said, (paraphrasing): “you can only do what you can do. If it inspires or educates even one person, you’ve made a difference. Everything else is out of your control.” With that in mind, here’s today’s post and thanks for sticking around:


In legal jargon, diminished capacity refers to the inability of a person to, while not being technically insane, comprehend the nature or ramifications of their criminal behavior. This is where we are, as a country, in my opinion. Fortunately, or unfortunately, this characterization doesn’t fit us all equally.

What do I mean?

I continue to look around for signs that America will realize the track she is on, but each time I do, I am disappointed by what I see. Whether it is financial ruin, in the form of $16 Trillion in debt and growing, with a looming “fiscal cliff” and the lack of solutions presented by virtually anyone with the responsibility in governance to right the ship. Or, a nearly complete disregard for the Constitution in the passing and upholding of the Affordable Care Act. Or, the recent developments over a football player who murdered his girlfriend and then killed himself and the news media’s devotion of time, money and resources covering a criminal act of this nature, simply because it involves a celebrity, instead of diligently reporting on the likelihood of the commission of  malfeasance in office regarding the death of four Americans in Benghazi.

In each and every one of these cases, the reason we, as a country, have failed to see the right, or better, path, can be summed up in two words: the media. Perhaps, too many Americans are either too self-involved in their own deluded self-worth or too involved in the celebrity culture and/or their “gimme, gimme/immediate gratification” world to seem to want to care. Perhaps, not. Perhaps the reason it appears the American people do not care is because they haven’t been given a reason to care. Stupidity can be faulted, ignorance is not so easy to condemn, even in today’s information age. For the people to comprehend the stakes, the media needs to be held to account for its actions. The press has the right to print what they want, however they also have the responsibility to print reality. The American people aren’t off the hook in this. With the explosion of “reality tv” that is anything but, millions have made their proclivities known loud and clear. And, perhaps, the media is just responding as a business would in that environment. Something tells me that the American people have not truly spoken, though.

At night, I watch news programs and yell at the screen due to the lack of proper questions being asked. It happens on every single program. Is it a conspiracy. No. It’s a confluence. So, the question is, how does one disrupt this merging of events. I’m working on that. I have an idea that I will share after I’ve done all the proper research. Right now, it is in its infancy and I don’t even know if it is proper or feasible. We’ll see.

For now, I’ll leave you, again, with the genius of Christopher Nolan:

Gary Oldman’s character, Jim Gordon, in “The Dark Knight” said, “he’s the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now.” I think that happened to us. America got the President it deserves, but not the one it needs right now.


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I could go into my background, but none of that really matters. I like to put out factual analysis, using multiple citations for the basis of the analysis. Dissent is expected and encouraged. Debate is expected and encouraged.
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