Welcome to my blog. I could go into my background, but none of that really matters. This blog is intended to put out factual analysis, using multiple citations for the basis of the analysis. Dissent is expected and encouraged. Debate is expected and encouraged.

I started this blog after many urgings by friends and family to put my opinions out for all to see. The suggestion was not because I have some power of perception that others do not, but because I read and read and read … about everything, really. I’m also not a bad writer, so it seemed only natural to put the two together. Some things I discuss, review, or analyze may be interesting to you and some may not.  One more thing of note, I am an Independent in every sense of the word. I try to see both (or all) sides of an argument. I have left-leaning (liberal) views and right-leaning (conservative) views, so I may make you mad at times. Feel free to be an independent thinker, be ready to be challenged and don’t expect that my opinion is so staunch that it can’t be changed when new evidence is brought to light.


1 Response to About

  1. Devout Player Hater says:

    Justin, I initiated a background investigation into this Blog for Security purposes and as it turns out, you are in fact, [snip]

    This entire blog history has been made part of the investigative file and is being referred to the Florida and North Carolina Bar counsels for whatever action they deem necessary.

    Moderator: This post has been edited to remove the name of the individual you’re attempting to have investigated by Florida and North Carolina’s Bar, because I will not be a party to such attempts.

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