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Why the Long Lines on Election Day?

A family member sent me an email about her thoughts on the long lines on election day, yet the undeniable fact that voter turnout was much lower than 4 years ago. Seeing as how I had previously mentioned the strangeness … Continue reading

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Thoughts in the Wake

First, congratulations to President Obama on his successful re-election bid. Gov. Mitt Romney put in a good fight, but it just wasn’t enough. Romney’s concession speech was especially telling and showed the type of man he is and would have … Continue reading

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Obama Seeks Vengeful Voters by Rich F.

Last Friday, at a campaign rally, President Barack Obama urged his supporters to use their vote for “Revenge”. That, my family & friends, sums up the purpose for his entire presidency. I have stated on many occasions that I think … Continue reading

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Election Prediction

October is finally gone and with it the “October Surprise”. This year, it looks like Hurricane Sandy took the monicker and gave the majority of national broadcast news networks a suitable excuse to avoid talking about the, nearly daily, release … Continue reading

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