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Obama Seeks Vengeful Voters by Rich F.

Last Friday, at a campaign rally, President Barack Obama urged his supporters to use their vote for “Revenge”. That, my family & friends, sums up the purpose for his entire presidency. I have stated on many occasions that I think … Continue reading

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Election Prediction

October is finally gone and with it the “October Surprise”. This year, it looks like Hurricane Sandy took the monicker and gave the majority of national broadcast news networks a suitable excuse to avoid talking about the, nearly daily, release … Continue reading

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A Retort to Chris Matthews by Rich F.

First, a little housekeeping note: A good friend, Rich F., sends me emails, usually on a weekly basis, on his thoughts about politics or the state of the world. I, and others, have urged him to start his own blog. … Continue reading

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The 3rd Presidential Debate

The third and final Presidential debate went off last night without a bang … or a boom (1st debate) … or some sadistic laughing clown (VP debate). Not much happened in this debate at all. As such, this review will … Continue reading

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The 2nd Presidential Debate

The 2nd Presidential debate aired last night. As always, for those that missed it, here is the transcript and video. First, a note about the location. My quick reaction to this town hall-style debate taking place in New York was … Continue reading

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First Romney/Obama Presidential Debate

Last night, President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney squared off against each other for the first time in the 2012 campaign season in what was the first of three Presidential debates. Full transcript and video. The night clearly belonged … Continue reading

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The Problem With Polling

Everywhere I turn, it seems, there is yet another poll that comes out that shows President Obama up by 8 points here or another that shows Romney up by 3 points there, yet both of those two polls were taken … Continue reading

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Increasing Energy Production Necessary to Fix Economy

The deficit and debt crisis America faces is perpetuated, in part, by Congress’s irresponsible spending habits. Instead of helping to curb the spending, President Obama has been its biggest cheerleader. It started with spending $787 Billion in the form of … Continue reading

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President Obama’s Foreign Policy: How Do They Like Us Now?

President Obama swept into the Presidency amid a wave of anger over the flailing economy, for sure. However, Obama also road another wave: to better our image throughout the world. “It’s Unanimous: The World Prefers Obama” – Sept 2008 “For … Continue reading

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Lybians Kill, Egypt Protests, America Equivocates

Recent events have caused a stir in Egypt and Libya. Protesters in Egypt and murderers in Libya have expressed their disgust over a film depicting the prophet Mohammed in an offensive manner; to many Muslims, any depiction of Mohammed is … Continue reading

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